Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where I Was

Gwendomama: Hey, Boss of Seattle, I think I will come visit you in your new California home, because I am so excited to see you!
BOS: Do! Do come to see us ever so soon in our new home! We are also very excited to see you and can't wait to visit frequently with our children and much beer present.
Gwendomama: Frabulous! I shall be there in a few short hours! Lo! Wait! Have you the wi-fi signal? I think I cannot come unless you do!
BOS: Why yes! Yes we do!

Three hours later...

((Squee! Squee! You! You! Hugs! Squee!))
Gwendomama: So, lovely BOS, what is that password to the wi-fi here at your hew home?
BOS: '?'
Gwendomama: The password?
BOS: '?'
Gwendomama: LIAR!


Boss of Seattle said...


jw said...

ooh, thats low! Gwendomama NEEDS her wifi...Cheers girls!

MountainMommaSpy said...

Who needs WiFi?


- Rachel in Boulder Creek

furiousBall said...

one time at Chick-Fil-A, my MIL saw a sign advertising free WiFi in the restaurant and she turned and asked, "What's a wiffy?"

Love that woman.

Denise said...


Denise said...

So glad that your Bff moved to your town. I am jealous!