Monday, August 04, 2008

Awkward Elevator Moment from Blogher '08

Me: Oh HAI! You're Gwen Bell! I'm a Gwen, too!

Gwen Bell: Oh really? (looks at my badge) Oh yes! Yes, you are!

Me: Yes! We are!

Gwen Bell: " "

((awkward silence shared by entire elevator community))

Me: You're pretty!

Please share: I'm not the only one with an elevator moment, am I?


furiousBall said...


Zip n Tizzy said...

It wasn't in the elevator, but I congratulated Sweetney on her new baby that was oops, actually Her Bad Mother's new baby.
She was gracious about it. It helped that they were sitting right next to eachother.

Lori said...

Don't you hate that? Man, you think you've found a good intro and bam...brickwall. I'm sure I've had more than my fair share of elevator moments but my brain has a way of blocking such embarassing moments. Super handy trick, you should try it! But I remember being on the receiving end of an elevator moment. I was in Manhattan rushing for an elevator and stuck my hand in at the last moment. After the doors sprung open, I jumped into the car redfaced and out of breath. The current car inhabitant commented that I should be careful in my condition. Rather than correct her, I just said "yeah, right." Damn empire waist dresses. Oh, and belly fat. Damn belly fat.

mama to many said...

that's awesomeness squared. I wasn't at blogher, so no awkward elevator moments, but I've had life experiences very similar to that...

Ellie said...

It sounds like you should have hit her with that ol' Awkward Elevator Moment standby: pass gas. That would have shown her....

Anonymous said...

And she didn't even have the decency to WHISTLE or scratch her crotch or something?! That biyatch.


gwendomama said...

dear gwenn bell: not even. not a crotch scratch or boob grapple, ass grab - nothin.

okay, i think i actually said, you're REALLY pretty.

but you know. poetic license and all that crap.

i love you.

you ARE really pretty.

maybe next time i can show you that i am not that stupid IRL.

and for the RECORD:
gwen bell was NOT rude to me. it was awkward moment with nothing but my big opening line to go on.

Debbie said...

When I was 15 (so basically all moments are 'elevator moments') I saw Sting on an off-off Broadway production of the 'Three Penny Opera.' (wow, I am using lots of '' today)
Anyhow, we waited by the stage door for him to sign our playbills. He gets to me. I touch his soft leather jacket and I way too quickly say, 'I have the same birthday as you.'
He scribbled what supposedly said 'Sting' (see? There they are again!), looked at me like I was speaking in a foreign language, and walked away. I felt like a total tool.

Christine said...

I had a couple of elevator moments myself. My elevator moments are some of the best memories I have from BlogHer.

I also had a moment with Ruby Skye, in that wonderful secret room some of us discovered.

When you gave me your swag, I said, "Oh! I KNOW you!"

"You do? How?" you asked.

Before I had a chance to answer, someone else snagged your attention.

I'd forgotten that moment until I found your swag earlier snuck down deep into a bag I'd been hauling about (it has been used a ton tonighte, let me tell you).

Gwendomama, if you look deep into your archives, way more than a year back, you will see that I stalked - I mean read - you daily for months.

I'm glad I re-found you.

Here's to our elevator moment next year!

GraceD said...

At the first BlogHer, Badgerbag/Liz Henry was in the potty the same time as Heather Armstrong. Badger stared at her and said something to the effect of "Don't I know you? Why do I know you?" and HA said something to the effect of "Well, I'm DOOCE."

Badger, in her perfect way, LAUGHED!

Um, did I just Fan the Fire and Beat the Dead Horse with this comment?

For me, every day in public is an Elevator Moment.