Monday, August 18, 2008

We Have A Foxy Winner!

Congratulations, Jenine!
By the way....ALL of your haikus and limericks were very entertaining. I will definitely be asking for more of those.

Jenine - Please email me your address, so we can send Foxy to you right away!
You should know, I only licked Foxy once. And that was only to sacrifice myself for the safety of your child. I am fine. So is Foxy.


Denise said...


Jenine said...

Woot! Sent you an email with my info. My girls will be so thrilled!

Vee said...

aw poo. i would have loved to give that to my brother.

congrats, jenine. :)

now, gwendomama, where is it from so i may purchase one?

gwendomama said...

Hi Vee
put your zip code in and find out where you can buy Imagiplay near you!

vee said...

aw, thanks so much! very much appreciated.

Rebecca F. said...

I didn't play but loved the taped drawing. Too cute!

Rebecca F.