Friday, August 15, 2008

Back Away From My Planner (oh yes, and a FOXY GIVEAWAY!)

Yesterday was a jackpot mail day.

It wasn't just that I received a MomCentral sample to check out, try, and - get this - they even want me to give my opinion about this stuff! I got stuff! Link to the big mouth review coming up soon...

It wasn't just that some more gorgeous carvings arrived at my house (gifts for dear friends), as if all of that wasn't enough!

On top of it all, I received a gift box which I won.
I won.
Based on my superior intellect, community service, and selfless contributions to science my card being the lucky one who screamed to be pulled out of a drawing, I won something!

I do not win things.
I have many things; and I have some things even stalking me, but never, ever have I had luck.
So, how excited was I when Parentbloggers sent me this package?


It didn't look very exciting at first, but the thrill was mounting...I removed the uber cool black tissue reveal...


STUFF! Not SWAG. SWAG is (I recently learned from a wiser blogger whom I like to call G1 but am embarrassed to tell you that I just learned this):


And this? This is STUFF as in:
Fish you
Fot (but you didn't and I did, sorry.)

(don't you dare judge me. you can totally feel the message.)(go ahead -you think of something that starts with 'f' that means the same thing!)

WHAT STUFF DID I GET? I can hear you shouting...the suspense is killing you.

Some magical j&j lotions and potions. We are especially interested in the detangler.
And the very appealing nighttime magical-sings-your-children-to-sleep-with-non-denominational-and-not-too-scary-folkie-songs-whilst-delivering-backrubs-and-spoonfuls-of-sugar-but-still-brushing-their-teeth-because-that-much-sugar-would-be-bad-at-bedtime-everybody-knows-that Soothing lotion. I can't wait to try that one!

This cute little bag of things that at first had me puzzled (is it a test? what do a half-eaten pizza, a milk bottle, and one jax have in common?) but then I realized it was a toy that I should stash in my purse and pull out a a restaurant someday so I can entertain my children while I finish my pint my dinner.

I already love it.

Also? This...

This adorable little rubberwood fox came in the box as well. The tag assures me that no children or artificial color plants were harmed in the making. I am going to lick it to be sure. Stay tuned. If I don't have a seizure, I am probably fine. Short-term, that is.

And is it wrong that I love the bag they sent me? Come on!

"Recycle Posts"???? Superb.

But the piece de resistance for me? The never organized virgo living in a sea of slobs different standards?


A Busy Body Book Family Planner.

It's mine. mine, all mine.

But the cute little rubberwood fox on wheels?

Could be yours, yours, yours.
It's only been licked once.
My kids are too big to enjoy this toy (boy child has moved on to interests such as dinosaurs and trains and backhoes. foxes? not so much.), but if you know a child who would enjoy it, please leave me a comment.
Here's the catch.....You have to make up a haiku or limerick with the word 'fox' or 'foxy' in it.

Think of how you too could be a winner. It's not just all about me.

A winner will be chosen Monday, August 18th, at noon - CALIFORNIA TIME. (PDT?)


Debbie said...

Hey!! Winning stuff is C-O-O-L!
I once won the Dukes of Hazzard board game after coloring in the comic when I was six. I'd circled the Dream Barbie as my desired prize, but apparently they were out of those. That sort of thing leaves a mark when you're six, you know.

Becky said...

My new little boy
would love a lead-free toy fox
for his gaping maw!

(There's a reason I have a degree in animal science and not English lit :)

samantha said...

A shiny red fox in black tissue
Came to your house, standard issue
But when he got there
The kids didn't care
So you sent him to me, bet he'll miss you!

AspieMom said...

I never win anything either, and I never write haikus. My kid is probably too old for the toy, but I was totally inspired to write a haiku anyway so here it is.

beautiful vixen
you will never be a hare
be only a fox

ginger said...

New reader here. Yay for good mail days! I'm also a sucker for a contest...

my daughter looks for
foxes in our yard each day
and for Swiper too

umm... science geek, so not much with the lit, but I think I got the syllables right?

Vee said...

the baby boy comes
any day now he is due
he would love the fox

yea, it's sorta lame, but i'm a proud 21-year-old-big-sister-to-be! (for the first time, i might add!) i'm stocking up on all things baby, my little bro's due any moment!

furiousBall said...

Bells splosh a green pie.
Goofy stupidly prods Goofy.
Foxy Grandpas drop.

Denise said...

There it sat taunting me, that box.
I tried to ignore it but still it persisted.
Haunting me.
I was scared to open it. It might contain a 100 year old mans cox!
Finally my curiosity got the better of me, and inside was that Fox!

Rachel Inbar said...

Congrats on winning the stuff. It does look exciting :-) I especially like the mysterious little things...

I'll spare you my bad poetry :-)

Jenine said...

We love haikus and my kids love wooden toys! Best of both worlds. Here goes...

Fox trundles along
Rabbits watch him fearfully
Warren has a ramp!

gwendomama said...

Jenine....Come Forth!

Your Blogger:
Profile Not Available


Jenine said...

Ack! I've got to figure out a way to fix that. Sent you an email. Thanks a bunch! :)