Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obligatory Back to School Post

Going back to school meant having to give the first grade classroom lizard back. Supergirl was very sad about this. But she is moving on to second grade, and it's time to say goodbye.

We all became quite attached to Holly, the bearded dragon lizard.

I mean, come cute is it to watch her nomnom that mealworm? Awww.....

But there was more to be excited about! Bubbles is going to preschool two days/week. For the first time ever, I have two children in school!

Supergirl's first day of Kindergarten

And two years later, Supergirl and Bubbles head off to school together for the first time!

(weeps softly to self)


Eliza said...

When I saw Holly with Bubbles I thought "SWEET JESUS THAT THING IS CREEPY, GET IT OFF THE BABYYY!" but then seeing how it smacked its jaws taking down that second meal worm I can see how you would grow to love such a lizard.


School here starts next week, and I can hardly wait...starting then I get to spend four days per week schlepping the baby to the middle one's preschool the second the oldest gets on the bus and then keeping the baby entertained for three hours, collecting the cranky four-year-old and singing manically in the car on the way home to keep the two little boogers from nodding off over six miles and blowing Nap Time all to hell before the bus comes back loaded down with homework and OMFG LOOK AT MY LETTERS! NO, LOOK AT THIS PAGE OF THEM! YOU DIDN'T LOOK!

Actually I think I'd rather eat a meal-worm. Got any left?

furiousBall said...

hey! i have one of those too!

Wugga Bugga loves wax worms too (which i think are closely related, but different than meal worms) and crickets. he also loves a swim in about an inch of water in the bath tub.

Ben and Bennie said...

Holly makes me miss our iguana, Lewis Lizzard - named after southern humorist Lewis Grizzard. When Ben was born salmonella worries had us give him to a friends science class. Lewis was a vegan.

Jerri Ann said...

My first one started this year and my other one has 2 more years. However, I'm on the verge of giving the second born away because since his Bubba started school, he has been nothing but a hellion on wheels. Enjoy, and I'm going to try.