Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why We Are At De-Programming Camp

Last Saturday we (Jenijen and myself) went to Grace's house where she let all of our kids run amuck, eat all her food, and chase Malcolm, the world's most patient dog.

We were very sad that NakedJen could not join us, but I fed her a cupcake.

Grace thought she was still hungry so then she fed Jen another cupcake (Gwendomama was getting frustrated that she could not get a picture of NakedJen to maximize but finally gave it up and just went with it.)

Bubbles decided he wanted in on the cupcake action too, so he reclined on Grace's deck, licked off the frosting and offered me the rest.

But then?

Grace attempted to 'gangify' our children, evidenced by this picture (and this one) of her teaching them how to use their hands to start fights represent.

This is when I put my kids in the car and said, "Don't listen to the crazy lady, kiddos - especially when she shows you how to do that 'EASTSIDE' crap! You are MOUNTAIN gang and don't you forget it."


Denise said...


nakedjen said...

very, very, very soon i will be able to eat one of those cupcakes in person. no, really. it's true.

stay tuned...

i love that you fed me more than one. because, honestly? i think i could eat a dozen.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I am so jealous I could spit. for real.

Anne said...

Those cupcakes are tiny! Gorgeous, but tiny. I think I would need about 10 in one go.

Lunasea said...

I am so jealous too. If I came down to Santa Cruz, would you hang with me?

jenijen said...

hahaha! my kids keep bustin out the signs. And it is still funny.

Even though I was there I couldn't eat cupcakes and so I am jealous.


Anonymous said...

I really like you and your blog however I find that NakedJen to have ZERO class and to be blunt, gross. Who the hell would post nude pictures of themselves all over a blog? What is psychologically wrong with this woman? I'm not surprised her husband walked out. She's a freakin' joke.

sarafoop said...

Oh anonymous troll, go away. Clearly you do not understand the sparkly awesomeness that is NakedJen.

I still dream about those fabulous cupcakes. Perhaps sometime we could do a a sewing - baked goods trade.

gwendomama said...

sarafoop - you couldn't have said it better. neither could i.


sparkly awesomeness.