Monday, November 19, 2007

Baffling and Useless Toys

I have been searching for safe gifts. Interesting gifts. Different gifts.
In my search I have found this list of The 25 Most Baffling Toys, from
The funniest thing I have read while attempting to have a shopping experience. I think I may have peed myself a tiny bit.
I cannot entirely steal their post, but if anything, my commentary on the list should send you bouncing along right over there immediately.
So, I have definitely seen (#19) the poo-flinging plastic toy toilet at Daiso*.
The poo jokes from Japan seem to get a bit stale, so I didn't pick one up when I saw it. But I wish I had seen the 'Benign Girl' cell phone. (#10) That is the one that had me giggling in my sleep. She sounds so friendly and obliging. And non-malignant.
Sadly, Bandai no longer makes #25, the God-Jesus Robot, which is a shame, because that really would have made my holiday shopping a snap (so many he it could have served with his eternal knowledge).
# 23 and 24? They both just really scare me. 'nuf said.
#20 seems to be (read on through the comments section) the item that everyone wants. Including myself. Who wouldn't? If I ever see one, I will get a bushel and a peck.
#6 we have; the folkmanis fairy's expression has always stuck me as a bit dimwitted, but I hadn't really taken it that far...
#3 Please, seriously? I had heard about it but thought it had to be a joke. is a joke, isn't it? Nope. I like how the stripper pole comes with two pink garters and fake bills. Slumber party material, that.
#2; A gun that shoots teddy bears. Wow. Goes into the 'wish I had thought of that' category.

And here is my very own contribution to 'most baffling toys':

Right up there with 'The Wild Swan', this was found in the toy section of * Daiso, a Japanese 'dollar' ($1.50+up) store.
This is a set of fake balloon breasts. They may not look like much in the box, but that is because the ladies are restricted by their packaging. IF you (according to the package):
  1. put them under your shirt,
  2. then squeeze them,
  3. then wow! what amazing fake breasts you have! WOW!

There are so many useless toys to give this year, it is really up to you.
A plushy soft 'Poop Hat', one-time giant latex boobies, or...............?


nailgirl said...

Too too funny!!

Cindy said...

All excellent suggestions. But I think I'm going with a completely comprehsible and useful toy: the marshmallow shooter, Normally we have a no-guns policy in our house, but this begs an exception.