Saturday, November 10, 2007

Don't Buy Tremendous Toys From Crappy Companies

Since this is the season that we are all looking for LEAD FREE TOYS (and free shipping), I must share with you a little online toy-buying story.
Back in July, Supergirl decided that she was done with Polly forever and moving on to Playmobil. Which was largely inspired by the dawn of Playmobil Fantasy - ::UNICORNS!!!:: So I ordered her a set for her birthday. From Kazoo Toys. And someone from that company called my phone number and left a message that they were out of stock of that particular toy. I assumed that was that. But that is because I did not pay close attention to my credit card bill. When I did, I noticed that I was still charged for the toy (that they didn't actually have in stock to send me). I called and was assured that I would be credited. In October, a full three months after I had placed this order, imagine my surprise when I received a Playmobil Unicorn Fantasy Land in the mail!
And the credit? Had never been issued.
I emailed the customer service, and received no response.
I called Kazoo Toys again, and told them the story. The woman with whom I spoke (Kiff was her name, if you care) told me that they would send me a label to send it back, but until they received the item, they would not issue me a refund (for a toy that I had ordered THREE MONTHS AGO and OF WHICH THEY WERE OUT OF STOCK).
After they had received the package, then I would need to call them back and give them my credit card number again so that they could credit me.

What? Fuckwit? What was that? Let's review:

  • You didn't have what I ordered
  • Even though your website did not mention that little 'out of stock' fact
  • But you charged me for it anyway
  • You sent it 3 months later
  • You now want me to go to UPS and mail it
  • And then call you back AGAIN!
  • And give you my credit card number again? After you were so careful with it the first time??
  • Ummm, NO!

And then, after WEEKS of waiting for your stupid shipping label that you never actually sent, and after sending emails back and forth that defy the actual PHRASE, 'Customer Service', you told me to, AND I QUOTE, "Take it up with your credit card company."

You, my dear lead-laden (OH! not anymore!) toy swindling company, can lick my linty navel.

And YOU, my dear readers, should take this as a good 'DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU' warning when you are shopping for toys this season. Go somewhere else.


Aunt Jennie/Dee-Dee said...

Thanks for the heads up! I will be scrutinizing EVERYTHING this year! I actually might go back to buying in the store and not online because of this! I can't afford it! What jerks!

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds awful! However - you did glaze over one little tidbit ... you said the words "assumed". If the call was to let you know it was out of stock, then I would say that was GREAT customer service. If you didn't settle the issue or CANCEL at that time with a call back, then what was the store to do? I have run into this issue with Amazon and It's all computerized. If the process wasn't stopped by the customer, then it just continues. I'm not surprised at all and I'm still shopping on line. Take responsibility for your own actions.

The World IS FAIR if you follow common sense.

gwendomama said...

wow, anonymous, you are so clever to never have had any internet rip-offs and being so RESPONSIBLE!! i am so impressed!!! I would be even more impressed if you actually read all of my words and got to the part about:
When I did, I noticed that I was still charged for the toy (that they didn't actually have in stock to send me). I called and was assured that I would be credited.

you asinine kazoo toy troll - i can see right through you.