Friday, November 16, 2007

Sometimes a Meme is better than a poor review.

Well, I went to play tonight that I had hoped to write all happy-like about, but it was so not exciting in comparison to their productions of the past two years, that....well...this is better reading:

Seeing that I was unofficially tagged by Tricia (who I love for her disclaimer among other worshipable qualities such as parenting eight children) for this '4 things' meme, and seeing that it is NaBloPoMo, well....

4 Jobs I’ve Had:
  1. nanny
  2. receptionist for real estate company in Cambridge, MA.
  3. intern in the playroom at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  4. teacher

4 Movies I Loved:

  1. The 40 Year Old Virgin
  2. Little Miss Sunshine
  3. Pan's Labyrinth
  4. Elvira Madigan

4 TV Shows I Watch:
  1. Arrested Development (no longer on)
  2. Sons and Daughters (ditto, boohoo)
  3. Weeds
  4. Big Love

4 Websites I visit Daily:

  1. Huffington Post
  2. Daily Kos
  3. NoAppropriateBehavior (makes me laugh almost every day)
  4. CelebrityBabyBlog (but only to find the always obvious and always-there typos and send them free editing tips) (not deserving of link)

4 Places I’ve Been:
  1. Switzerland
  2. Bermuda
  3. to hell and back
  4. Hawaii

4 Foods I Love:

  1. homemade bread
  2. beer (does that count?)
  3. chocolate
  4. deep-fried artichoke hearts

4 Places I’d Rather Be:
  1. Big Island
  2. Kauai
  3. Moloka'i
  4. Maui

4 Blogs, just cuz:
  1. JoyUnexpected
  2. Cameron'sCorner
  3. MotherhoodUncensored
  4. TheAdventuresOfLeelo (and his potty-mouth mom)

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nailgirl said...

Yay I am a just cuz blogger :)