Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Slightly Homophonic

Last week in my weekly music class of pre-keyboarders (ages 5-7), a few children were getting a little out of hand with their drums. I wondered what on earth I was doing teaching 8 children at once I took that opportunity to remind them that they really wanted to play keyboards, but in this group class, if we could not master being respectful and following instructions with drums and dances, then what would it be like if we had children going nuts on four keyboards at once?
One bright child answered, "Chaos!"
I agreed, thanked him for sharing that very useful vocabulary word, and then I taught them all a word for 'noise chaos': Caucauphony.
By the end of class, I asked them, "What do we want?"
"KEYBOARDS!", they shouted (as they are apparently incapable of using lower decibels in this after-school class).
"What do we NOT want?"
"A CAUCAUPHONY!!!!", they shouted, even more loudly (noted irony).

In two weeks, I will let them loose on the keyboards. If they can stop banging their damn really expensive drums with their damn very active feet. Scratch that; reverse the strikes.

So today, after a particularly fabulous drumming session, after which I praised them highly for their great attentiveness and rhythm skills, I asked them;
"What do we want?"
"KEYBOARDS!", they, of course, shouted.
"What do we NOT want?"
"...mmaaa...aaa...mmm..ccrsssssssss....ummm....crss..umm....", I heard......
"A SARCOPHAGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Jason.

"Ummm...well...we certainly DON'T want a SARCOPHAGUS, so I guess that's right....but umm...well...anyone?"

I'm alone in a big world of smart kids out there, dudes.
I am scared.
And not just of the caucauphony. Or the damn sarcophagus.
Okay, maybe a little bit of each.

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