Friday, November 23, 2007

Cheesiest Post Yet

My friends were driving through town today, and their five year old daughter got excited as she noticed - perhaps for the first time - that there is one very large and catholic steeple that stands out among the others in town.
Mommy! Mommy! Why is that cross so big?
Because it's a church, honey.
NO! Mommy! Why is it SO BIG?
Well, it's a big church, I guess.
No, Mommy! But WHY? Is it because it's the Jeeesiust Church?


Blaize said...

Jeesiust. That made me snortle.

nailgirl said...

Who wants to hold my hair while I puke?

Pandora said...

Are you serious? Jeesiust? That's not even a word! That's the way to teach the youth of today to use proper vocabulary! LOL I have to admit it made me laugh, (I was raised Catholic!)