Friday, November 02, 2007

Yes, the yearbook has a back door, and that is how we got in this year.

Last year, we were on vacation for Supergirl's 'picture day'. You needn't bring out the tiny orchestra - we pretty much take vacations when it's cheap - sacrificing a week or two of school for real world learnin'. Because of this transgression against the school's attendance policy, or perhaps by complete coincidence, Supergirl was not only absent from the picture, but she also (according to the school yearbook) never existed in the kindergarten of Mountain School. As in, "Missing from picture: Emma Brown, Jaden Blue" mention of Supergirl at all.

So this year, again, there we were with the vacation coinciding with 'picture day', and I'll be damned if I am going to let them omit my daughter, even in name, from their cheesy little yearbook.

This year, Supergirl was in the photo. Her friend Poppy held her proudly.


Lin said...

She is a complete doll...just beautiful, and good for you.

We took our kids out of school whenever the vacation mood struck (which was only once a year, usually) until they were in high school. My excuses became quite creative once they were in middle school. In elem. school, I just owned up.

Tricia said...


nailgirl said...

Great idea, did they let her?

gwendomama said...

they did let her. the teacher was slightly frazzled but yes, they did let her. we have now established ourselves as the very strange parents.