Monday, November 12, 2007

Bubbles' ThankYou Note (It's important to start early with the manners)

This is the actual note I am sending out to those who attended Bubbles' Big Two - I think I have represented him accurately:

Hi Seeeeteeeeee!
('Hi, Sweetie!')

('Wow! Is that for me?'...I said when I saw that you came!)

('Rooaarr!!!!! Thanks for the gift! I Love It!')

TO-Kay! Nuzzhjhah dsay.
('Okay! I think it's awesome that you could come and celebrate my birthday with me this year, hope you liked the cake, and it was rare jamming with you! Let's do it again next year!') (yes, I am pretty damn sure that's what he said, and if you don't believe me then ask him yourself)

y, Tay Oh!
('and'-yes, somehow he speaks spanish sí, de algún modo él habla español-'Thank You!')

Bahbahy Seeeeteeeee!
('Bye-bye, sweetie!)

('Love, Bubbles')

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