Thursday, November 01, 2007

Birthday Bubbles #2

Nojo. Nuuju. NuhJOH. NOHjuh.

These are your most favorite words. They are the ones used most frequently and with the most soul. You use them interchangeably for things like -'I want to nurse' or 'Outside!!! Let's go there!' or 'Lift me up so I can point to my current demand. Yes, it be some piratey booty! No, I want vitamins, I don't care if I have already had twice my daily allowance!' or 'Are you done with that beer, wink wink?'.

You have also been heard to shout it as, "NOHJUOOHH!!" when running away from that dreaded nighttime diaper and fleecy jammies after the nightly bath and taking nakedboy as far as you possibly can (without daddy getting nervous about the somehow illegal-sounding Iranian rug!).

It took us about three months to figure out that, when you were saying 'HI, Djeedee!!', you were
really saying 'HI, Sweetie!', which is what we say to you about 39x per day. Glad we cleared that up.

You say it whenever your favorite people come around, and to me when you know I am not so thrilled about it, at 5:58 am. Dude, what's up with that? The sleep thing? Don't even get me started. This is allabout lovin you.

You are the most mellow about so many things (you can hang out in the car, marveling at the scenery for love to read books and will sit and snuggle for an endless amount, you putter about the sandpits and logs in the yard making busy 'work' for yourself for hours if allowed, etc...), yet you freak me out sometimes when you freak out. For instance: During class, with our other 26 members present, you had a hard time taking no for an answer when I told you that those shaker eggs cannot come out this instant. So you pushed a nearby little girl. (naturally) And when I hugged you gently but very very firmly and told you that hands are not for hurting, you stood there and cried animated crocodile tears and whaaaah'd until you had disrupted our entire class. Dude, that was just not cool. I know, I know - you are two, and you have a reputation to uphold. But seriously. You want to keep coming to sing the happy music with the mama? You shape it up.
I really do not get that aggressive-slash-sensitive thing. I have a lot to learn about boys.

I am fine with the speech (delay) thing if you want to just hang out behind the veil for a little while longer. We really do get what you are saying...err...communicating...but I would like to see a bit more effort in the enunciation department. In English.

I have a feeling that your favorite obsessions are cars, trucks, heavy equipment, and dinosaurs because they all sound the same. More or less. RRRRRRRrrrraaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhrrrr. You really are a caveboy.

You take up all my energy and Daddy's and some of your sister's too. But we manage to somehow, between the three of us, keep you alive each day. You are a hurricane, a tornado, an incredible force with which to be reckoned. You are, in a nutshell, perfect. You are healthy, you are hellion, you are two.
You are the snuggler extraordinaire in my morning, my nooning, my are the most mamaffectionate little guy I had never ever pictured, yet now could never ever imagine being without.

We are so lucky to have you in our family.

Thank you again, and again, for choosing us.

You are so very, very loved.


Aunt Jennie/Dee-Dee said...

Happy Birthday Ezra sweet boy! I know you are saying dee-dee even though they think otherwise! Ha-Ha! Hugs & kisses Bubbles!

xoxo dee-dee

mamadaisy said...

Happy Birthday! he is such a cutie all covered in kisses.

Sam does his own stunts, too.