Wednesday, November 28, 2007

When love is all there is to give, I will come asking you for some.

HolyShit again.
I need your (yes, you. YOU! YOUR!) positive thoughts.
For my friend, Nicole, who is still, at this moment, 28 weeks pregnant.
And currently in the hospital, because her amniotic fluid started leaking yesterday.
I wish I had more details; I can't even remember what I was going to post about before I received this information this evening.
This is happening to a woman who is also an amazing photographer.
She came to visit me at the NICU (the very same one in which her baby will likely reside for some time) when I was practically living there with Elijah. (She would eat lunch with me in the hospital cafeteria so I didn't have to really 'leave'. That is a good friend.)

She took some amazing photos of Elijah while he was a NICU resident. Though the idea was intially resisted by dh, I felt the need to record each phase of his life.

no regrets.

Please use your magical powers to make it all fine for Nicole and her family.


nailgirl said...

Ok first of all I have to say again what an amazingly beautiful baby Elijah is. No I will not say was because I believe he will be forever beautiful~!. Secondly good karma and chi coming your way for your friend Nicole. Please keep us posted. And to think, I just posted a whole post on my blog about ass :(

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Aunt Jennie/Dee-Dee said...

Sending much love to Nicole and family. She is lucky to have you there as she was for you. What sweet photos. I think these are the only two I haven't seen. They will be saved in his precious box. Again, much love to you Nicole and your sweet baby. xoxo

mamadaisy said...

sending love and strength and betamethasone to your friend Nicole.

beautiful Elijah pictures -- i love the tiny wrinkled foot. said...

how wonderful those photos are. Keep your legs crossed Nicole, and I will cross my fingers for you!

Tricia said...


Sending positive thoughts out to Nicole...!!!