Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Foul, Fowl Mood

I am in a foul mood. I am disappointed in the state of men in general and I am very very tired.
I am, however, taking the kiddos and going to visit a friend in the burbs for the night. A college roommate calibre of friend, dig? That might help. That, a handful of halloween candy and a big glass of wine. Maybe three. Or it won't help at all and life might still suck as we know it today.
So, this is what you get when I commit to posting every single day, whether I feel like screaming writing or not.
And this. Pictures of my baby in a chicken costume. Because babies dressed like chickens are funny.


Elizabeth said...

Hope everything's okay and your mood improves soon. Bubbles is ADORABLE in that costume! Cheep cheep!!

mamadaisy said...

oh. my. god. babies in chicken costumes are soooo cute.

i will post soon -- promise. too busy reading all you NaBloPoMo people. fucking breeders.

Karianna said...

The state of men!

Forgive me for finding that funny: perhaps it was the chicken suit.

(hope you feel better soon, ugh!)

nakedjen said...

oh my dear sweet maverick was a chicken, too. and he turned one just before e. i must share his pic with you at some point. he and e could be such wonderful friends. if only he didn't live in tennessee!

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