Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Grudge Tuesday: here's one

Birthday Present Watch: Day #55

Yes, it is still a cell phone charger.

Thank you, Amalah for the inspiration, or should I say I totally pinched your dramatic headline. Though you appear to be done with it.

I know this was supposed to be about letting go of the grudge. Shut your gob, it was my idea in the first place so it can be whatever I want it to be.


Elizabeth said...

If you don't mind my saying so, your husband is either a tad bit clueless or REALLY stubborn! Does he not know that you are waiting for the REAL birthday present? Maybe you should try taking the phone charger apart to see if there's a piece of jewelry hidden inside :)

Green Kitchen said...

I got toe clips for my bike once.

carebear79 said...

I received jumper cables for my car a few Christmases ago.