Saturday, November 25, 2006

In which I vow to become more productive

I had the pleasure today of having a playground meeting of mommies. Who are bloggers. Which was sort of planned and sort of spontaneous. CRAZY!
My dear friend (known as OBfriend on this blog) who I encouraged to start her own blog and I met at a great park. And these other moms, who blog, who I wanted to meet, were going to the same park. But it wasn't planned, really. It was just sort of mentioned. Then it happened.
I am tired, and I am overwhelmed by the prolific amounts of actual real things that crafty people can create. And I mean that in a good way, as in 'in awe'. I am lucky that I have friends that quilt and sew, because my children have keepsakes that I could not possibly create. I have inherited the same gene that cruelly prevented my sister and myself from being allowed to enroll in the first grade brownie troop: that inability to sew. My mom told my sister that she could not join the brownies, because she (my mom) refused to sew and therefore could not help her with that badge (or, the sewing on of badges). And that she could join the girl scouts when she (my sister) was old enough to sew her own darn badges, etc. And the same stood for me, five years later. End. Of. Discussion.
Anyway, I got to meet the lovely Michelle and her very fast four year old and her six month old toddler. (oooh - Michelle - you really should meet Amanda! She also has a six month old toddler!)
Also, the beautifully, radiantly, 36 week pregnant Sara, as well as her pig-tailed preschooler, Kaia. And another mama, and I am not sure if she blogs or if I can use her name. She was also quite nice.
By the son dumped and played with an entire box of most certainly overpriced organic vegetable crackers. We do not normally endorse this sort of behavior in our homes. Who owned the crackers? I totally owe you some beer. Or crackers.
Soooo, meeting these lovely women and feeling shadowed in their creative presence was....well, it was super! They did not judge me (did they?), and it is my hope that I can befriend these lovely women and their children (or bribe them with cupcakes if I need to) and they will teach me their ways.
Okay, not so much the sewing ways, but the knitting ways.
Did you know that Sara told me that she will teach me how to dye pre-hemmed playsilks (there will be no sewing involved!) with koolaid in a microwave? Yes, these women are smart.
Okay, maybe they will just agree to meet me at Kelly's Bakery and be my friend.
And then with the knitting.
Anyone out there wanna teach me guitar?


mamadaisy said...

i can quilt, but the knitting and guitar... eh, not so much. good luck with the new hobbies!

sara said... is the pre hemmed scarves, but I notice they have raised their prices quite a bit! Your $5/scarf price really seems like a bargain in comparison with the current prices.

Green Kitchen said...

Sure, I'll take a beer, but it doesn't have to be payment for crackers lost. Just so you know I never turn down a beer. And, if I think you are a keeper, isn't that judgement, too? So, I guess I did judge you.