Wednesday, November 22, 2006


When the baby woke up from his nap (on the big bed) it was eerily quiet.
I was listening for him to wake up any minute (never, ever does he sleep longer than 60 minutes) and heard a bit of rustling. When I came upstairs, I found him with a small collection of bedside water bottles and a New Yorker magazine.

Seriously checking out some gallery opening in SoHo, no doubt. Of NUDES!
The boy is not even 13 months old.
Okay, in his defense, the page was opened to one of those stiff card-insert ads, which is what the cartoons are. The cartoons which are on the opposite page from the one over which my son is drooling.


sara said...

He must be a boob man. ;)

minnie said...

hahah. that is cute!

Anonymous said...

My son showed a very odd interest in pictures of women in bikinis (in catalogs) when he was 18 mo old, too. Mine would apparently point at the boobs and say Mamma? Mamma?