Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sometimes it's not what you were expecting, which is nice.

Supergirl is obsessed with losing her teeth. A few of her friends and classmates have lost their first teeth, and it seems to be all the girl can think about lately. She even declared that she intends to 'be the toothfairy' next year for Halloween. She talks about losing her teeth. She talks about wishing she would lose some teeth. She talks about dreaming that she is losing some teeth. I suppose, like the jump-roping chants she brings home and makes me feel nostalgic, it is one of those childhood rites of passage. One that she cannot wait to claim as her own. So impatient is she, that she has managed to wriggle one less-obstinate lower front tooth into slightly wiggly compliance!
As with many five year old girls, she also is very 'in' to drawing. She drew herself through half a ream of paper when we were in Hawaii; the girl was constantly moving or drawing. Now that the weather has its inclement moments, she has been productive enough to prompt this mama into desperately searching for a portfolio in which to deposit it all (literally, it can cover every surface after a good 2 hour drawing binge).
Combining these two current events, a recent favorite drawing featured a friendly monster with many well articulated teeth.
The drawing was left on the table to be admired, which it was, and during a phone call in which I was distracting a lap-baby, I absent-mindedly let Bubbles color on a piece of paper in front of me. I was just happy that he was not eating the crayon. So I let him go on coloring. On the piece of paper in front of me. That was the backside of the monster picture. But who knew?

Later, Supergirl noticed this.
"Mama. Someone scribbled on the back of my picture."
"Mmmmhmmm, yes well I believe it was Bubbles when he was in my lap. I let him have the crayon." I was ready to get apologetic if I needed to, but I was going to feel this one out to see if I could get off with a mild infraction.
"You mean that was Bubbles? Who drew on my picture? Who made that drawing?"
"Well, technically the back of your picture, but yes. Bubbles."

And then Supergirl turned and crowed at her brother:
"Bubbles! You made a picture with a crayon!! You are such a clever baby! You are the cleverest, best baby, aren't you? Yes you are! You are the little artist baby! What a good little boy!"

And my heart grew. Can you believe it?


Tricia said...

Thank goodness there are these moments...

mamadaisy said...

oh how wonderful! you are so lucky. my four year old wants to send the baby back. and he's very vocal about it!

Anonymous said...

And it's moments like these that keep us having more... now pregnant with #3 :-)