Saturday, November 11, 2006

Must go scrape vanilla beans...

It did occur to me that I could possibly spend the rest of the month blogging about the birthday and the fallout beyond. Ha! Aren't you psyched now?
BUT, I don't have time today.
In about five hours, 20-30 people (who knows? who rsvpees??) are going to descend on my house for a birthday party for the Bubbles. A real 'party party', you know? Did I mention it was raining? Did I mention how small my house is?
Anyway, a party. With adults and alcohol. For a one year old.
And I have to get cooking. Because here is the menu:

Veggies and blue cheese pecan dip

Tijuana trash

Kid food – goldfish, olives, cheese, etc

Caesar salad

Tofu pasta salad

Turkey breast


Mashed potatoes


Juice boxes

Crystal geysers



Lemon drops

White cake w/vanilla bean buttercream and raspberries

So I leave you with pictures that were supposed to go with Love Thursday, but Blogger has been having some, er, well, problems.

Later - pictures of cake!


nakedjen said...

can i come? i'll bring your tincture. oddly enough, i really was going to ask if i could come and visit today. but i just read this. and well, i don't want to crash the party, but i do want to crash the party. i know you know what i mean.

can i come?

Auntie Dee-Dee said...

Nakedjen...I hope you crashed the party...because Gwendomama REALLY needs you now since I can't be there! Even though I couldn't eat anything (from surgery)...the liquid refreshments sound to die for!

Have fun...I'll be thinking about ya lots and lots...I'm there in spirit!

And I hope the 70s vintage tube was not a bday present for Bubbles!

Just love those babies!!!

sara said...

I love how much your kids adore each other. Supergirl seems like a great big sister.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, um, Kaitlyn's first birthday is next Saturday, and I am planning on serving...cake. I didn't even think about having to actually FEED people. Crap. Can I have the recipe for the Blue Cheese Pecan dip?

gwendomama said...

Elizabeth here is my recipe for the incredibly popular and delicious blue cheese roasted pecan dip:


gwendomama said...

And NakeyJen-
wooHOOO am i glad you read this and came! it was so fun having your presence at a party! again with the fun! oh by the way anyone else who is wondering why you didn't get your invite: sorry. computer problems. nakedjen's is still insisting itself was sent. so if you didn't get your invite, then too bad for you. next time read the blog and you'll know WHEN YO SHOW UP FOR THE PARTY! LIKE JEN! duh.