Thursday, November 16, 2006

Miracle Drug

Did you know that if you put a leaf of cabbage (slightly crush the spine with a rolling pin or a bottle of wine which you're going to need because your breasts hurt so bad) inside your bra, it will mysteriously and effectively suck all the mastitis and infection out of your body? I am sure the one dose of antibiotics I took didn't hurt, but come on - one dose? Or one night of wearing cabbage in my bra.
Now I smell a little funny, but I feel like a new woman. With nice jello-like milk-filled breasts. Not hot searing rocks of pain that cause me to wince when someone comes close to them or (ACK!) wants to latch on to them! Unfortunately, Bubbles is not deterred by the cabbagey garnish - I was secretly hoping he would share his mama's aversion to cabbage and that this may provide an opportunity for night weaning. Sigh. It is not to be.

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Green Kitchen said...

I did grated potato and that worked, too. Very cool. My doc friend didn't believe, but I do.