Friday, November 10, 2006

When good people do bad things (they get blogged about)

If 'one' has not yet been shamed humbled enough into presenting 'one's' wife with a birthday present, and - Oh, excuse me, you just tuned in? Well, let me specify it was my fortieth birthday - are you still with me? Good, because the next sentence is going to begin with 'and', and I do want to make sure you are with me.
And...then 'one' is so bold as to brag - to 'one's' said still present-less wife - about what a great deal he found on 'this incredible70's vintage tube stereo! !!! !!!!!' on craigsbigfatfreakinglist, for the cash price of - well, let's just say, the price of a super duper used laptop -

Well, then 'one' cannot really expect his wife to share in his excitement or tolerate his pouting about him not understanding her lack of excitement.

Can one?


mamadaisy said...

death to idiots!

(not really, but it's a apt sentiment when i read this before having my coffee.)

Aurora said...


I followed you here from Green Kitchen. I love your blog.

Where are you, exactically?

Auntie Dee-Dee said...

Death to idiots is a bit harsh...especially since dh is my brother!

But I must say...a 70s vintage stereo?

He should be torchered...flogged...whatever. What an insult! I'll get him at Christmas! Wait until you see what you get sis-in-law!!!!!

minnie said...

omg. are you telling me that he still hasnt gotten you one?
er.. i think this is where you take the credit card and waltz into the mac store and buy yerself a perty little mac book.

gwendomama said...

oh minnie.
yes, i am telling you that. sad, isn't it? i wonder if he just didn't know what to get me. har.
if only it was funnier.

thought about the cc route - but i just can't.

MFA Mama said...