Friday, November 24, 2006

Supergirl's Story: A Work of Nonfiction

Supergirl has a journal - in her kindergarten, when they bring home a writing 'prompt', the teacher asks that the parents write the words for the children, so they can focus on the flow of sentences and descriptive words; lock into the creativity of writing at an early age, which I love. LOVE.
Her first entry came home with this note from the teacher:

This is a very descriptive story.
I can really hear your fear.
Your pictures look like real black widows.
Great job!

Supergirl's story:

I am scared of black widows.
They can bite you very hard.
They can climb all over you and bite you if they feel like being fierce.
Their poison can kill you if you are small and I am small.
They are creepy.


Elizabeth said...

I was going through Bloglines and I noticed that it didn't show any new posts by you, so I clicked here and look-new posts. What's up with that, Bloglines?

Anyway, I would say Supergirl is definitely a creative writer. I especially like "if you are small and I an small", it shows that she understands her size in relation to other people.

Karianna said...

Nice! And I am impressed that there were apt illustrations, too!