Thursday, November 23, 2006

Simple Gifts

In which I declare for whom and what I am thankful (the short list):

My daughter, the super.
My son, the one who is alive.
My son, the one who is dead.
The 406 days that I had with Elijah.
The 406 gifts that Elijah gave me.
I am still alive to raise my children.
The health of my family.
My mother.
Memories of my father.
My family, in blood and in law.
My friends.
Oceana Blue Banana - the best of all the great neurotic cats.
Breasts, and their generous nutritional miracle.


Geener said...

I notice you're not thankful for a new laptop.

Anonymous said...

No hubby on the list?

gwendomama said...

i would be thankful for a new laptop if i could.
and yes, dh is on the list. just not in the top 3.