Monday, November 06, 2006

Play Dates Are Fun

Supergirl's kindergarten class put together a student directory - to make it easier to set up those play dates, you know.
It was very sweet, the way they put it together: Each child said what they liked to play and then drew a picture of that, so each 'index card' says something like, "Call Emma if you like to play dress-up." or, "Call Zack if you like to play on monkey bars." and, "Call Supergirl if you like to play Narnia." (that was predictable)
My favorite is the drawing that was done by the sweet little girl who is the daughter of a veterinarian.
"Call Amy if you like to throw animals up in trees."


jess said...

That is so darn cute.

nakedjen said...

can i have amy's phone number. maybe she'd like to throw stella up into a tree?!

scribbit said...

The question is, did she get any takers? I love the story.